Expectations vs. Reality: Spring Break

It comes to that point in the school year where there are these breaks for students to get an entire week off school, such as Spring Break. Most kids look at this as a way to relax or have a break from the constant endeavors that plague students during the school year. We make and have so many plans and expectations for the Break that it leads to the idea of finally getting to do what you want to do instead of repeating the dull cycle of completing assignments. In the end, this excitement or these expectations mean absolutely nothing as if it were a speck of dust. Whenever it is the day before break, we are demanded for the completion of countless assignments, projects, or studying that leads to nothing but stress. There is barely any euphoria left for such a break when we are pressed with constant worries of completing all the work that we are assigned. School tells us that we should try our best, to do well in school, and at the same time, complete all assignments that are given to us. Teachers and schools take advantage of the will of students trying to do well in school, by not considering the option of giving us a break from work, but rather assigning more work increasing our stress and forcing us the option of either taking a break from school or continuing to do well in school. They test us of our will, the will to succeed, and most of all our opinion about school. Our efforts lead to nothing but frustration and exhaustion, just to do the right thing…

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

~ Clare Boothe Luce

Most of the time, students really question if this should be called a Break at all. If we are given the opportunity to participate in this so called “Break,” then how come we have to continue working? According to TheFreeDictionary, a break means “an interruption or a disruption in continuity or regularity.” However, is it really interrupting or disrupting school? School, the place where work is expected? The place where we are expected to turn something in? 

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”

~ William Shakespeare

If we do not give something to our teachers after Break we will be scolded. Scolded for taking part in the primary purpose of breaks. And in the end, we would be accused of being lazy or carefree. As if the sighs and slumped shoulders have no message whatsoever. A plea that wants to be heard, to be respected, and to be followed. But, it is dismissed as a pitiful plea and to be denoted as lackluster. Are we not hardworking already? Are we not already giving it our all, to be demanded and forced to give our 100% in all that is school? Should we not have time to enjoy anything else? Is what we do now not already considered enough?

Questions, questions, but filled with congestions.

Progression, progression, but no recession.

Author’s note: My Spring Break wasn’t exactly the highlight of my life, neither was it entirely enjoyable.


Nothing productive.


Went to aunt’s barbecue without prior notice nor my consent.


Nothing productive.


Researched and worked on homework.


Researched and worked on homework. Studied for upcoming exam.


Went to visit a community college and go out to eat. Worked on homework and studied for upcoming exam.


Researched and worked on homework. Studied for upcoming exam.


Worked on homework and studied for upcoming exam.


Studied for upcoming exam.


As you can see through my account, school erases the expectations that you once had into disappointment and stress. Breaks are the time for rest, not for work…






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