What did you learn from the experience?

On the first of February 2017, I had the privilege to experience the Global School Play Day movement at my high school English class. It was a wonderful experience remembering the nostalgia that I had, of playing recess during my younger years of education. But, in the end I came to realize of how much I missed committing the act of play. It made me realize even more, of the depths of this redundant, stupid, and everlasting cycle of education that the students of today are stuck in. This realization further strengthened my opinion of today’s system of education. It made me further realize the indoctrination of students being these hard workers having no time to do anything, but work.

Work, work, and work it’s all we do…no time to play and no time for games…

Being able to play,  made me remember how to breathe. It made me remember how to enjoy life again. It made me remember how to have fun again… I feel as if not only myself, but the children around me are lost…not in our lives, but in the indoctrination and practices that we have to continue doing until society determines when we finish our education. We are lost, we are tired, we are depressed, and we are stuck in this mire that has not come through our desire… We are not burning with fire, but rather burning in the fire. Even if our situation has become so dire, we have been placed like wires…in places that are stuck in the crossfire. We have become like tires with no brakes… tires that continue rolling and rolling, until we crash and break.

But above all, may we not fall, but dance in the rain, until we lose our brain…

The children of now cannot rest, from this sequence. The sequence of going to school, knowing that we’re going to be jam packed with work. Work that makes our minds go berserk. And once we get home we cannot break from this oppression. We cannot play, but just sit and stay, to do work until we fall of exhaustion. We children barely remember what is the word and action “play,” due to the fact that we have lost our childhood. And from this experience of being able to have a day of play, I’ve realize how much I yearn and miss it. I miss the feeling of enjoying life and having fun with my classmates. Having the idea of work disappearing from my brain, just to enjoy life once more so that my childhood will not go in vain. But now that its gone again I’m back to my former self, a child full of pain, pain that makes me feel no longer sane. And in the end, us children walk with canes, but most of all we are wrapped in chains.






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