Being tired is more than just a physical and mental condition. Being tired is not only of the body, but of the soul as well. And when I say this I mean that tiredness stretches beyond the body. This tiredness is of the idea where you can’t stand anymore the repetition of the idiotic things that happen in life. Tiredness is a combination of the physical, mental, and spiritual elements. And when these three affect an individual at the same time it becomes deadly…

You see, we are in a society where school and work is prioritized. But, time has changed… School and work weren’t the same as it used to be. Both are now more stressful than ever before. And at the same time, we live in a society with no consideration or care for the hardworking students or workers…

We have become oppressed machines.


Machines that work from day till night striving to survive. Now, we have become tired machines with feeble bones that are wearing or breaking away at this very moment.

And as if society could not care about these broken bones that lay us to stones…

We walk with our gears in our minds malfunctioning. We walk with every joint in our body creaking. We walk with our oil spurting out of our bodies. We walk with our eyes closing down. We walk as if our entire body were on the verge of shutting down…

We are the drones that are suffering from this everyday cycle of tiredness. We work as if we could not question of the things that remain with us everyday…

We have become the everyday machines that walk tired from: the lack of sleep, the things that make us stressful , and the cycle of these abominations.

For let me tell you this


This tiredness can’t be cured from the likes of sleep …

But, if we strive to change society’s oppressive ways, maybe, just maybe, can we be free from this deeply rooted tiredness that plagues us. (Link is NSFW, due to some strong language.)




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