My Reason of Living

To be honest I view life in a negative connotation. I view it as, this reality where nothing but sadness, sorrow, and stupidity lies even when some good things still happen. I see others suffering around me whether it’s in school, in people’s everyday struggles physically and mentally, and in troubled countries where there’s terrorist attacks, rape, murder, poverty, you name it. And most of the time when I talk with other kids my age, I view the things they laugh about as stupid things. But that’s just me.

Whenever I look around and I see kids having fun I always stop and think,

“How come nobody has even realized and taken action yet? Can we really be having fun, when there’s nothing but calamities happening around us, every second in our world? Where’s the change, where is the action, where is the love, where are the cures?”

I stop and think…what are we doing in our lives, that really benefit others in the world? All of this, all of these things that happen around me has fueled my reason to live. You see, I’ve come with the reasoning and philosophy that We were born for a reason to change this world for the better. And that reason is the reason to live life until you find that exact reason. To find out how you, as a person of this world, can make the world better.  However, it all comes down to how you use that reasoning.

I go on social media and see these kids around me suffering physically, whether it’s problems with family, diseases, or disorders. And mentally, whether it’s depression or wondering what is the right decision to make in life. I see these poor beings as victims of an everyday society, that unfortunately our elders have left for us, and that they don’t strive to change it for the better. At the same time, I view these elders as nothing but individuals who are driven by greed, corruption, pride, etc. and it absolutely disgusts me. You see, I just want these poor victims to stop suffering, but with the ground that our elders have laid upon millennials, it seems like a never ending loop of problems.

I sympathize and can sometimes empathize with these victims, for I too am a victim of this wretched society. I live this absolute mundane midle-class dull life given by the elders who order this society. I wake up everyday going to school, worrying about my grades, about my future, and how I will survive in the future. And the cycle repeats and repeats every day, and you know what, I really have had enough. My reason to live is that I hope I can change the predicament and situation that this world is in right now. I hope to change this divided world filled with despair for the better. I hope to remove the everyday cycles of this terrible reign. To remove the catastrophes that have plagued this world by these rotten individuals that don’t hope and want to change the world for the better, that don’t try to change the disasters that they have placed upon this world! And hohoho, I love the fact that we can’t even as a HUMAN SPECIES be unified, in order to help each other with our problems that we don’t know how to solve.

I can see why kids these days don’t really know the meaning of their existence with all the confusion and perplexities and hide behind alternative/fantasy realities. And I do sympathize with those who feel that they’re tired of their lives and just want to end it, in the idea that death would be better than this reality. Amazing isn’t it! Suicide as a means to run away, to escape, to become free from the chains that lock us up, to be free from the cage that our elders have put us in. Just amazing. *Scoff*


After all of this, all of these explanations, this is what drives me to live on, to find that reason, to find the ways of how I will change the world for the better. In the hope that I, with the help of other individuals, can transform this society and this world for the better. And I do not agree with the saying of “not worrying about situations that you can’t change” because I truly believe that if we are free from the shackles of society, we can focus and cooperate with one another to find the solution to the problems that have plagued us till today. Helping others is what we need, helping each other is what we need to do.

And just to state this clear, after all what I have just said, I am not an anarchist or Marxist or Socialist. I believe that what’s missing, what we need, is a moral government, a true, just, and honest government, to function as a society, because morality has been lost in our societies. And I also believe that having jobs is good because with them, we are able to dive more deeply into figuring out solutions that will help the rest of world.

Up till this day, I have made a saying that I truly believe and I want to share it with you.

“Remember, even if you become a void like a black hole, just remember that there’s always a way out, into another dimension.”

This saying applies to me in the sense of how society, and many other things around it, have turned me into something like a void. When one looks at me, you see nothing in the expression of my face, but inside of me there is a lost child who is barely making it to the next day. A child who struggles everyday, hoping that when the day of our freedom comes, we may enter in a new life, a new dimension, that will allow us to solve the problems that affect us today, so that our children won’t have to go through them again.



This video presents some of the problems we face and some of the solutions we can follow; however, what is missing is what I proposed a moral democracy. Morality is what has been lost in our days, and it is what we need to regain again to achieve justice and freedom, and to set us free from the materialism that surrounds us and that locks us up in this dark abyss.


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